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Fez to Rabat day trip

1 Day

About Itinerary

The Day Trip from Fez to Rabat will start by visiting the central Medina of Rabat; the driver will take us through these cities' monuments and historical places. Through this day trip, you will discover a lot about the history of Morocco; especially we are in its capital.
In this journey, we will pay a visit to many astonishing places like the Mausoleum of Mohamed V, which is a very great monument that includes the tombs of both Morocco's kings. We will explore as well the fascinating part of this monument visit, which is the architecture that combines both the modern and the ancient style with green and white colors giving an elegant view to that place. Next in Fez to Rabat Day Trip we will discover “Hassan Tower", it is an uncompleted mosque that consists only of a breath taking and decorated minaret. Our guide will take the responsibility to explain to you more about the history of this huge tower. It is time to move on to explore the Gates. Among the fascinating gates we will visit are Bab el-Had, Bab Rouah, and Bab Oudaya Gates. Each of them holds a very ancient and deep history throughout time and decades.
Our Day Trip will end in our last destination, the Archaeological Museum, by which you will be fascinated by the Moroccan and the Islamic details.
This Trip is flexible; you can manage its schedule and choose the time of all the visits during the journey. At the end, our professional driver will take you back to Fez to your accommodation or to the Airport .